Gottlieb Mayer (1834 – 1885)

GGG Grandfather Gottlieb Mayer (b. 2 AUGUST 1834 – d. 17 JANUARY 1885, age 51) 

Married to Susan Cunningham


My great, great, great grandfather Gottlieb Mayer was born in Nattheim (1), Germany in 1834 (2). Nattheim is a tiny agricultural village that was known for limestone mining.

On every census I could find, Gottlieb shares his home with his nephew, Andrew Ziegler. I found a woman in Scranton named Anna Mayer who is married to a man named Friedrich Ziegler. I could guess that they might be Andrew’s parents, but I can’t say for certain.

The name Gottlieb was a common German first name at the time; at least two other men named Gottlieb Mayer lived in Scranton at the same time as my GGG grandfather.

Gottlieb’s last name may have originally had an umlaut over the Y.

Gottlieb Mayer lived on Pittston Avenue in Scranton, PA, before there were even any house numbers. In 1883 (3), he built a house at 925 Cedar Avenue in Scranton’s South Side. The house was next door to the James Monroe School No. 8, at 927-929 Cedar Ave. The old school building is an assisted living facility today.

The original James Monroe School No.8 was built in 1862, so it would have already been there when Gottlieb Mayer built his home in approximately 1883. As far as I can tell, the house at 925 Cedar Avenue no longer stands. The school was rebuilt and expanded over the years. The biggest expansion seems to have happened  in 1928. It’s possible the school district  bought the property and tore down the house at 925 for that expansion. But that’s only my guess.

If I can find some “olden days” pictures of that school, we may be able to see what the house at 925 Cedar Avenue looked like!

Gottlieb worked as a foreman in the train car upholstery department at the Delaware,  Lackawanna and Western Railroad (DL&W) (3).  Today’s Steamtown museum is located at the DL&W railyard where Gottlieb was employed until his death in 1885.


Edward P. Mayer* (My great, great grandfather)
Amanda Mayer
Mary Alice Mayer
Elizabeth Katherine Mayer
William A. Mayer

Sources Checklist:
Immigration documents – no
Marriage Certificate – no
Death Certificate √
Censuses: 1850 – no, 1860 – maybe, 1870 √, 1880 √
News articles from √


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(2) Gottlieb Mayer, Headstone, Pittston Avenue Cemetery, Scranton, PA.